Can CBD Be Used for Weight Loss?

Here at River Organics, we love to share our passion for CBD and all of the incredible benefits it offers to elevate health and wellness. From boosting mental clarity and encouraging relaxation to helping reduce inflammation, CBD has become a very valuable holistic remedy for many. 

In looking at the research, it seems the advantages of taking CBD are almost limitless. Many wonder if CBD can even be used to encourage healthy weight loss or help maintain more optimal weight. It almost sounds too good to be true!

So, today we will be taking a closer look at what experts say about CBD’s benefits for weight loss.

What do experts say about using CBD for weight loss?

While there is much more research still needed to further explore the claim that CBD can help with weight loss, the early results are promising. They indicate that CBD might help you lose weight naturally by encouraging a reduced food intake, promoting fat cell browning and lowering unhealthy cholesterol in the body and increasing your metabolic rate.

CBD may help reduce appetite 

As we have discussed before, preparing CBD-infused recipes for your favorite meals and beverages is a great way of incorporating CBD into your lifestyle and diet. Sources say that infusing CBD into your recipes may enable you to actually harness CBD’s true power to lose weight naturally. According to preliminary research, it seems that CBD can also help lower food intake by curbing the appetite.

In one study conducted in 2018, it was found that CB1 receptors present in CBD may be able to help reduce appetite as well as manage obesity. During multiple animal studies, it was revealed that CBD reduced appetite in rats via interacting with the CB receptors in their brain and lymphoid tissues.

CBD may promotes fat cell ‘browning’

Our bodies contain 2 types of fat cells, white and brown. White fat cells which are the most common, are usually spread throughout our bodies and store energy while helping to insulate our organs. This is also the type of fat associated with chronic health problems especially in those with an excess of white fat cells. While brown fat is less common, it is very important, playing a key role in helping to burn calories in the body. If you are at an optimal weight, you usually have more brown fat as compared to white fat.

How does CBD factor into all of this? According to multiple studies, CBD is indicated to help promote white fat cell browning, while also helping enhance the gene and protein expression, which are also integral components in maintaining a healthy weight.

CBD may help reduce metabolic disorders

According to many sources, there is a link between metabolic disorders and increased risk of obesity. With its ability to encourage balance, or a state of homeostasis in the body, while increasing antioxidant production and reducing inflammation, CBD may have the potential to lower unhealthy cholesterol caused by obesity. These factors would then point to CBD’s capacity to help encourage healthy weight loss and maintain a more optimal weight.

Should you consider using CBD to lose weight?

While CBD has shown promise in helping to enhance health and wellness in many ways, research is still early in terms of evaluating its ability to help in losing weight. So, it can be tricky to pinpoint the exact changes and benefits that CBD can offer to help you naturally lose weight.

It's important to note that CBD is not a cure for obesity, nor is it a treatment, and it will not replace a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine. While figuring out a proper dosage to help you meet your health, wellness and weight management needs, it is advised that you also consult with your doctor before taking CBD specifically for weight loss to help you determine whether CBD can be the right option for you. 

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