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  1. 600 mg Pet Tincture (for medium/ large dogs)
  2. 300 mg Pet Tincture (for small dogs/cats)
  3. 300 mg Pet Relief Balm
  4. 7500 mg Organic CBD Equine Tincture


  • Growing up, I used to drink a LOT of Prosecco. The bad part about that is that it made me overly intoxicated and provided ZERO health benefit. With the River Organics Hemp Champagne Blanc, I get to enjoy all of the fun of a Champagne, without being intoxicated and with feeling better in general due to the way my body responds to the infusion. I will buy as many bottles as I can every time I come across it!!!!

    Jennifer Partridge

  • After I saw a noticeable improvement with my senior pup after taking CBD oil, I wanted to make sure that is WAS CBD that helped so I started taking it. It’s amazing the improvements I have received. I am convinced the CBD oil works and will continue to use it.


  • I purchased the tincture for my husband, who has dementia, and after speaking with our physician, who informed me about your product. It seems to help him with his anxiety and helps him to sleep better at night. I'm very pleased with the product and plan on purchasing more in the near future. Thank you for providing the great product!

    Thomas and Jocelyn Mueggenborg