600mg Organic CBD Tincture

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Canepa
So far, so good

Altho I only have used the 600mg Organic CBD tincture for about one week now, it appears to be giving me the same wonderful full nights of sleep that the 900mg gave me when I used it for four months. Still, before I decide whether to order a year's subscription of 600mg or 900mg, I want to be sure the 600mg continues to remain as effective for my former restless sleepless night problems which the 900mg cured completely. For that reason I will continue using up my 600mg "test"bottle. At the end of this 30 day test i will know if the 600mg did or did not continue to work for me as well as did the 900mg .
That will determine which strength Organic CBD tincture will receive my year's subscription. For certain one of the two River Organic's CBD tinctures will remain a part of my life. After years and years of sleepless nights I have found this tincture is the only thing that has guaranteed I get a full night's sleep every night

Hi Sandra. Thank you for running tests on our products for us. Good to know you are getting the same results with the 600mg. Because your body can only absorb so much of the CBD, you should only take what you need to get the desired results. For more information on dosing, check out our blog at https://www.riverorganics.com/blogs/news/a-guide-to-determining-the-right-dosage-of-cbd-for-you?_pos=1&_sid=6fc8f4d21&_ss=r
Glad you are getting a good night's sleep!

M. Bourne
Great product

Works well, with accurate advice on dosing.

Thank you so much for your review. Every 'body' is different so it can be challenging to find the right dose. A great place to start is with our dosing blog found on our website at this link: https://www.riverorganics.com/blogs/news/a-guide-to-determining-the-right-dosage-of-cbd-for-you?_pos=1&_sid=53d1e5caa&_ss=r
Otherwise, start with a lower dose and work your way up until you find what works best. We are glad you contacted us and found the dose that works best for you. Thank you for choosing River Organics!

Jessica C

I have never tried CBD until now. I have waited a good while to find an honest and reliable company - River Organics is it! I have anxiety and always worry about my sleep and getting through my busy days efficiently... after a week and a half, I started to notice all the wonderful benefits of using this product. I started with 300mg and went to 600mg; Its a good fit. I sleep better, my anxiety has calmed, and I feel that I can take on the day. Thank you for an amazing and top-notch quality product. Will be a forever customer!

Thank you for your review, Jessica! We are so glad that the 600mg tincture is helping you with sleep and relieving anxiety. Glad you found the right dose so quickly. We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you again soon!


I am so happy with this tincture. I started with the 300 and was thrilled to get some relief with my evening and nighttime anxiety. I next tried the 600 and I can honestly say I am so much more rested after the full night sleeps I am getting almost every night. I am so much more relaxed in the mornings and the small aches and pains I have from arthritis are rarely appearing. Overall, I am in a much better place now! I am so thankful my massage therapist introduced me to this product.

Hi Suzanne. We are so glad to hear of your results. There is just nothing better than a good night's sleep. Thank you for choosing River Organics!

Alisa Henrich
Great 👍🏼

I got a sample from a 5K and was anxious to try it. I love everything about the tincture! I have citrus and the taste is smooth. The affects are just what I need to help me stay focused and positive throughout the day. I was so happy with the product that I decided to get a yearlong subscription! I totally recommend this company!!

Thanks, Alisa. We appreciate you taking advantage of the great discount you get with the 12-month subscription. You sign up and we make sure you don't run low on your 600mg citrus tincture. Glad to hear you got such good results.