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Hemp Chardonnay (alcohol-free)

  • $39.99

Light and airy. The flavors of this buttery Chardonnay are best noted when left to sit on the
tongue. Savory and semi-dry, the flavors reveal themselves the longer you sip on it. A classic
Chardonnay with notes of pear, this wine is our newest addition to the River Organics wine line.

Every wine that we offer is de-alcoholized which gives them a
level up on other non-alcoholic wines.

The wine is made in California, dealcoholized, and infused with our water-soluble CBD emulsion. Since this wine has such a lengthy history, it sets River Organics' non-alcoholic drinks apart from the rest. This isn't just juice. It has a history that you can taste.

A 4-6 oz. glass of wine is all you'll need to drink to feel the effects of the CBD. So grab a glass, relax, and enjoy.

Best served chilled, over ice, and with good company.

Our wines contain a water-soluble form of our organic CBD oil-based extract. As our bodies are primarily water-based, this emulsion acts fast. Less water-soluble CBD is needed for quicker effects.

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57mg water-soluble emulsion per bottle

Disclaimer: There may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle which is the CBD. Gently invert the bottle several times and let rest before opening to ensure that the CBD is evenly dispersed.

Please Note:

  • Shipping charges for wine will be calculated based on the delivery address.  Call us at 804-699-3521 to arrange local pickup.
  • Our wines last just as long as a regular bottle of wine. Consume within 2-4 days after opening for freshness.

Please drink responsibly.