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Helped my dog, helped me

After I saw a noticeable improvement with my senior pup after taking CBD oil, I wanted to make sure that is WAS CBD that helped so I started taking it. It’s amazing the improvements I have received. I am convinced the CBD oil works and will continue to use it.

Got the shipment, thanks


I absolutely love this one! Worked wonders and taste amazing!

Love this product!!! Game changer for sure!

600 mg Full Spectrum USDA Organic CBD Pain Relief Stick | River Organics

Works well

It works well with my my big guys anxiety. I just wish it came in fish flavors for cats. I have to be sneaky to get them to take it and it gets difficult only having bacon or peanut butter as they don't like either.

Best Champagne Blanc Out there!!!!

Growing up, I used to drink a LOT of Prosecco. The bad part about that is that it made me overly intoxicated and provided ZERo health benefit. With the River Organics Hemp Champagne Blanc, I get to enjoy all of the fun of a Champagne, without being intoxicated and with feeling better in general due to the way my body responds to the infusion. I will buy as many bottles as I can every time I come across it!!!!

Really good!

Pleasantly surprised

Highest quality CBD products I have found

I came across River Organics at a Polyface Farms event a couple years ago and received some samples and after liking it purchased the tincture. I have tried products from other companies and have found most were low quality and clearly a low concentration of CBD. I now only buy River Organics and find the tincture help me relax in the evening, get a deep stretching session in and sleep deeply without having to take something stronger. When you realize how little of the tincture you have to take to get a great effect you realize it is a great value.

Bacon - Tastes Great

Bella says um, um, good! She licks hers right up and tries to steal the cat's. Helps her anxiety while I'm gone.

Takes Pain Away

My pet Trixie had a sack fill up with infection. I had to take her to the emergency veterinary. They put her on an antibiotic and painkillers. The painkillers were not working. So, I used the 300mg Bacon and put like 10 drops in her food at night. It helped her sleep and she wasn’t in pain. I like using something that is natural versus a chemical. I used this product for storms and fireworks too. I love this product for my dogs.

900mg Organic CBD Tincture

It's been over two years since I started taking nightly subject tincture from River Organics, and I continue to sleep through the nights. It worked a miracle, freeing me from sleepless nights, nights that body and joint aches and pains kept me awake practically every night as I twisted and turned while trying to find a sleeping position that didn't hurt in order to fall and stay asleep. Nothing worked until someone suggested RO and subject tincture. My first two bottles turned into a yearly subscription. Plus today, while its cost is competitive with other like products, the effectiveness of River Organics products are far superior. One only has to listen to those who tried other products before finding River Organics and who continue to stay with them.

Wow, Sandra! What can we say? We are so grateful for your glowing review! All of us here are thrilled to read that our products are helping you daily. We continue to do what we do here at River Organics because of reviews like this and customers like you. Thank you!


As my dog is large It took longer to see it working. He is now only taking 1/2 the dose of pain meds he was taking. I hope in another month he will be off it all together

Hey there, Richard! Thank you so much for your review! We love hearing that our products promote comfort to our beloved pets. Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks again for your wonderful review!

300 mg Organic CBD Pet Tincture
Stephanie Berberich

Haven’t tried it yet

Hi Stephanie. We hope your pet gets a chance to try our 300mg CBD Bacon Tincture soon. We recommend 1/3 of a dropper for every 10 pounds of body weight. CBD has been known to help anxious pets through storms, traveling, and trips to the Veterinarian. It can also reduce inflammation and relieve sore muscles, so it's great for those older pets with joint issues. If you have any questions on dosing or anything about the product, feel free to reach out to us (804) 699-3521. We hope you love it!

Tranquility Tea with Hemp and Lavender
Judy Anton
Delightful tea

My husband and I enjoy this tea each night before bed!!

We are so glad you and your husband love the tea, Judy. It's great to enjoy at night because it has no caffeine, as it's made from hemp leaves grown right here on our farm.

Tranquility Tea with Hemp and Lavender
Brenda Mariniak

Enjoy the tea, it is nice

Thank you for your review, Brenda. We are glad you love our tea. It is winter and you are probably drinking it hot, but it also make a lovely iced tea. Enjoy!

Awesome products from teas to tinctures, hope to see this small business continue to grow and thrive 🙏❤️

Thank you for your review, Jami. We are glad you love our products. Thank you for helping us grow in the new year!

Love getting amazing quality from a local source!

After 3 years of getting my CBD from a Colorado company (that I was truly very happy with), I decided to try River Organics CBD tincture. I'm SO glad that I did! I have been able to achieve my desired goal of easier and longer sleep with a lower strength tincture! In my view, getting the result you want with less is generally the goal! River Organics CBD has a very smooth flavor and I attribute all of this to the high quality products that they are creating. Knowing that the product I am using is carefully crafted right in "my" county at a certified organic farm is the cherry on top for me! Customer service is also top notch! The team at River Organics goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are totally satisfied from beginning to end!

Aaahhhh, thanks, Coleman. We truly appreciate the kind words. We are so happy you were able to get better results. And there is nothing better than a good night's sleep. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to helping you again soon!

Great for sore muscles

This is a wonderful product that has been used for back, neck, shoulder, and thumb pain. It worked faster than expected for me, and it was a long lasting result. My only wish is that the product were easier to push up the cardboard stick. I am thankful for the environmental packaging, but pushing the balm up the stick can be difficult.

Thank you for your review, Leslie. We appreciate the feedback. We are always trying to make our products better. We also love our paper tubes but understand they can be hard to start. Try warming up the tube slightly by rolling it between your hands or sitting it in the sunny window for a few minutes. And thank you for referring your friend. We appreciate it!

CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria

Great Red Sangria CBD Wine

Thank you for reviewing the wine, Joanne. The CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria is certainly the fan favorite and you now see why. If you are looking for Christmas in a bottle, this is certainly a wise choice with the hints of cinnamon and cloves. Makes a great gift for a friend or family member that doesn't consume alcohol.

600 mg Tincture natural

This product has helped me overcome anxiety and allows me a more peaceful sleep. I like the natural favor.
It is easy to use, just place under the tongue for a minute.

So glad you love the 600mg Natural Tincture, Kay, and nothing beats a good night's sleep. It's very easy to use and can help with anxiety and sleep. Enjoy!


I have had to wear KT Tape for months and in a lot of pain until using the Arnica. I also use Frankincense on top to drive the arnica in. But works really well. I use twice if not three times a day.

Thank you for your review, Carla. We are glad you are finding success with our Extra Strength Pain Relief Oil with Arnica. Now you know why we just call it the 'magic oil' around the office. We always love to hear of our customers being pain free!

2 oz CBD Massage Oil
Miranda Hale Hale

Love the smell. Love the spray bottle. GREAT PRODUCT!

Thank you for trying our massage oil, Miranda. Glad you loved it. Did you know, massage oils are not just for massages. They can be used to relieve aches and pains, and are great for your skin. We hope to hear from you again soon!

Great to have an alternative!

Admittedly, I have not cracked open the bottle yet, but I had an opportunity to sample some of these wines before buying this Cabernet. I was shocked at how closely it mimicked my favorite varietal: I was amazed that it tasted authentically “wine-like.” It didn’t have the sweet artificial or heavy fruity overtones that permeate other non-alcoholic wine offerings, and I was impressed!

The reason we haven’t opened the bottle yet, is that we are saving it for Thanksgiving: I bought this as a gift for my son, a recovering alcoholic (9+ years sober) and wonderful human being. He has often expressed discomfort at family gatherings: he loves our relatives, but many of them work for industries involved in alcohol manufacturing and marketing, and most imbibe, as well. I picked this up while on vacation in North Carolina on the off-chance it would help him, and was surprised at how grateful he was for it! He is actually looking forward to our Thanksgiving gathering and I thank you for that!

Thank you for the feedback, Mary. And what a nice gesture for your son. Good for him. We meet people all the time that have started their journey to being sober and we are happy to know we can help. If you need another bottle for your next event, you can order online, pick it up at one of our local events or a retailer. Find all of those events and shops on our website.

Love the wine

I've tried several other brands and like yours the best. Has true cab flavor and some relaxing benefits.

Would definitely recommend to others.

Thank you for your review, Ann. We also love our cabernet. A great flavor without the throat burn. But it's also missing high calories and, of course, the hangover! If you like red wine, you may also like our Sangria. It's sparkling and has hints of cinnamon and cloves. A very festive drink.