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600 mg Organic CBD Tincture
Thomas and Jocelyn Mueggenborg
great sleep and anxiety remedy

We've been using the tincture for several months. It has really helped my husband's anxiety and helped him sleep better. I decided to try it myself and it has helped me as well. Great product. So glad my doctor approved it's use and suggested this product.

Helps me sleep


I have been experiencing insomnia for a long time getting 4 to 5 hours per night. The first night I used this 900 mg 7 hours!! And it was stayed between 7 and 8 hours!!! I love this product!

The wine

Smooth and delicious!

Smooth tasting

Delicious wine but have to save it as a treat due to the cost.

Received damaged

I received package damaged
Sent an e mail twice w no response
Finally got ahold of company and answer was already sent replacement. I have yet to receive replacement????
Love the product. Service not so much

300 mg Organic CBD Tincture
Thomas and Jocelyn Mueggenborg
Organic CBD tincture

I purchased the tincture for my husband, who has dementia, and after speaking with our physician, who informed me about your product. It seems to help him with his anxiety and helps him to sleep better at night. I'm very pleased with the product and plan on purchasing more in the near future. Thank you for providing the great product!

Works for me

Since I’ve been using CBD oil hand soreness has dissipated

900 mg Organic CBD Tincture
Stephanie Berberich
Good ZZZZZ’z

This is my second order of CBD 900 mg. Helps me get a good nights sleep without feeling groggy in the morning.

1500 mg Organic CBD Tincture

Very nice!

I like it very much! I rarely drink alcohol anymore and enjoy having a little of this to relax with.

Puppy crazy

Product was delivered quickly. Did have a question you never answered? Is it ok to stop the CBD for 6 days, after using it everyday for a month?

Helped my dog, helped me

After I saw a noticeable improvement with my senior pup after taking CBD oil, I wanted to make sure that is WAS CBD that helped so I started taking it. It’s amazing the improvements I have received. I am convinced the CBD oil works and will continue to use it.

Got the shipment, thanks


I absolutely love this one! Worked wonders and taste amazing!

Love this product!!! Game changer for sure!

600 mg Full Spectrum USDA Organic CBD Pain Relief Stick | River Organics

Works well

It works well with my my big guys anxiety. I just wish it came in fish flavors for cats. I have to be sneaky to get them to take it and it gets difficult only having bacon or peanut butter as they don't like either.

Best Champagne Blanc Out there!!!!

Growing up, I used to drink a LOT of Prosecco. The bad part about that is that it made me overly intoxicated and provided ZERo health benefit. With the River Organics Hemp Champagne Blanc, I get to enjoy all of the fun of a Champagne, without being intoxicated and with feeling better in general due to the way my body responds to the infusion. I will buy as many bottles as I can every time I come across it!!!!

Really good!

Pleasantly surprised

Highest quality CBD products I have found

I came across River Organics at a Polyface Farms event a couple years ago and received some samples and after liking it purchased the tincture. I have tried products from other companies and have found most were low quality and clearly a low concentration of CBD. I now only buy River Organics and find the tincture help me relax in the evening, get a deep stretching session in and sleep deeply without having to take something stronger. When you realize how little of the tincture you have to take to get a great effect you realize it is a great value.

Bacon - Tastes Great

Bella says um, um, good! She licks hers right up and tries to steal the cat's. Helps her anxiety while I'm gone.

Takes Pain Away

My pet Trixie had a sack fill up with infection. I had to take her to the emergency veterinary. They put her on an antibiotic and painkillers. The painkillers were not working. So, I used the 300mg Bacon and put like 10 drops in her food at night. It helped her sleep and she wasn’t in pain. I like using something that is natural versus a chemical. I used this product for storms and fireworks too. I love this product for my dogs.

900mg Organic CBD Tincture

It's been over two years since I started taking nightly subject tincture from River Organics, and I continue to sleep through the nights. It worked a miracle, freeing me from sleepless nights, nights that body and joint aches and pains kept me awake practically every night as I twisted and turned while trying to find a sleeping position that didn't hurt in order to fall and stay asleep. Nothing worked until someone suggested RO and subject tincture. My first two bottles turned into a yearly subscription. Plus today, while its cost is competitive with other like products, the effectiveness of River Organics products are far superior. One only has to listen to those who tried other products before finding River Organics and who continue to stay with them.

Wow, Sandra! What can we say? We are so grateful for your glowing review! All of us here are thrilled to read that our products are helping you daily. We continue to do what we do here at River Organics because of reviews like this and customers like you. Thank you!