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CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria (alcohol-free)

Fantastic products

I use the 900mg tincture and have never used a better product. After years of hand and neck pain this product has been a blessing for me.

Cabernet wine

This wine melts away all my anxiety and allows me to sleep.

600mg Organic CBD Tincture

Cabernet wine

I’ve been enjoying it

Thanks for the review, Diana, and we are glad you love the Cabernet. We also have a lighter Rose' and a sweet Sangria that you may enjoy. Stay tuned because our champagnes will be out soon!

Love the product, so far I have love all the products I have purchased.... Thanks 😊

Thank you for your review, Brenda. So glad you are a big fan of River Organics. Be sure to check our calendar at to visit us at a local farmers market or festival. We would love to meet you in person.

2 oz CBD Massage Oil
katharine phillips
Wonderful product!

So helpful for neuropathy and muscle spasms.

Thank you, Katharine, and so glad the massage oil is helping to relieve some of your nerve pain. CBD is known to help relieve nerve pain. We are so glad that our massage oil helped you. We appreciate the feedback.

Lovely and Refreshing!

I absolutely loved the CBD rose and sangria I purchased. With how hot the summer has been, it was a perfect treat that didn't weigh me down.

Thank you for your review, Kaitlin. We are so glad you love the Sangria and the Rose'. For an added treat, try adding some fresh fruit to your Sangria or some sparkling water to your Rose'. Refreshing and healthier than other summer drinks. Enjoy!

Ginger+Honey CBD Tincture

I have wonderful nights' sleeping that I have not had for many months! THANK YOU so very much!

Thank you, C Jenkins, for your review. A good day starts with a good night's sleep. We have so many people ask us how well our products work for sleep, and we love to share stories like yours. We appreciate the feedback.

Great product, double price

Love the product, love that it is organic, love that it is local, Love supporting the small business model, do not love paying double price versus the competition.

Thank you, Todd, for your honest review. We are glad you love the products, and understand your concern over the price. Please note that we hand plant, hand harvest our flowers at optimal bloom, and handmake our products here in Gloucester. Each new batch of every product is sent to a third-party lab for rigorous testing to ensure you are getting what the box says you are getting, while being free of pesticides, herbicides, residual alcohols and other things that you just don't want in your CBD.

Unlike much of our competition, we go above and beyond. There aren't many CBD companies in our area with the USDA Organic symbol on their bottles. Many CBD companies claim to use 'organic practices' but are not willing to prove it by going the extra mile.

We love to give our customers a deal when we can. We have sales fairly frequently. We also offer a subscription plan where you can save up to 20% by having your favorite products auto-shipped each month.

We hope this allows you to keep enjoying River Organics products. We appreciate your feedback!

Excellent products

Safe, reliable, great CBD products. Highly recommend.

Hi Kathie. Thank you so much for your great recommendation.


Delicious! Found this at a farmers market and loved it, can’t wait to order more!

Thank you for the review, Amy, and we hope to see you at a farmers market soon. Check our website for where we will be. Also, we are expecting some new flavors of wine in the next couple of weeks so stop in again to try a sample. Hope to see you soon!

Really LOVE the tea. But I would not have purchased it had I not received a few sample teabags. The best tea ever!!!!

Thank you for the review, Lynne. We appreciate it. If you want a very special treat, be sure to brew a pitcher of our tea and pour it over ice. We tried it for an event this weekend and it was amazing. Enjoy!

Love the product. Use every night before bed. DO NOT like the child safety cap. Its terrible. And my new bottle was leaking when I opened it.
Will buy again! Thank you.

Thanks for the heads up, Lynne. We are working on better caps for the next round of tinctures. We have already converted our pet products to the new caps that are easier to use and less chance of leaking. We can include a new cap with your next order. We appreciate the feedback!

Misleading ad

This a review of not your product but your advertisements. Your ad is misleading by quoting one price and when adding to cart, the price jumps by about $15.00 unless I sign up for a year's worth. Also, when I gave you my email, I was supposed to get a 15% discount at checkout. That did not happen.

Thank you for your honest review. I'm sorry you had trouble with our online stores. We are working on how the subscriptions are displayed. We want everyone to know that you can save money by using our subscription services, but we don't want people to think we are baiting and switching. We hope to have this problem addressed soon.

The 15% discount is given through an email. It is not automatically applied. You should have received an email with this code. I will attempt to re-send it to you. If you have any additional troubles, I am happy to manually enter it from here.

We are so glad that you are willing to try our products. We appreciate your feedback and will work to make the process easier for everyone.

Beautiful, refreshing, I love it!

This Sangria is my personal favorite. Crisp and bubbly and magically made by such a trustworthy company. I have reordered and also found a local seller for restocking. I enjoy giving it as a gift too. It's simply the best!

Thank you for your review, Jennifer. We also love the Sangria but we have been out for a while. We are happy to report that we should see more in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Treating an SI Joint. The 1500mg massage oil gives me about 1 1/2 hours of relief. Pleased with product.

Thank you for your review, Jennifer. It's a good day if you are not in pain. I'm glad our 1500mg Extra Strength Pain Relief Oil has given you some pain relief.


This was our first ever experience with this product..It took a few uses to realize how much it helped both my husband and myself!

Great Product & Company

I’ve been using River Organics since I received a sample about a year ago. Products are high quality, customer service is great, shipping is fast. No need to look any further!

Good stuff!

I especially like the larger than normal stick diameter. Great ingredients and local flavor!

Love this!

I love this product. It doesn't have an overwhelming smell or taste and I love how it is organic.


I struggle with my lower back muscles and hamstrings tightening up because I do a lot of bending and lifting.
This product is the only product that I have tried that works very well. It helps relax my muscles, it makes me feel good and helps me to sleep at night.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has issues with soreness and tight muscles.

Thanks for the review, John. We are so glad to be able to help you and others like you who struggle with nagging pain. We appreciate the feedback and hope to hear from you soon!

900mg Organic CBD Tincture
Chris Chamberlain
Over priced.

The product is good, the people at the booth were friendly, but this product is over priced l!

Thank you for your review, Chris. We appreciate the feedback. We know USDA Certified Organic CBD products can be expensive and we do our best to help our customers save some money. Be sure to register your email at so you get emails about upcoming sales. Also, we offer subscriptions that allow you to have your favorite product shipped every month, and you get up to 20% off that product. You should also receive a coupon for your next order for writing this review. We appreciate your patronage and hope to hear from you again soon!

Wellness Gift Set
Kay Sherin
Very happy with this product

In March, I received the bath bomb and after soaking 45 minutes the pinched nerve disappeared in my neck. I was sold. Just starting to use the tincture for brain fog taking 15 drops a day. The lip balm has healed my lip issues.
Do plan to purchase more! So thankful for the gift I received!

Thanks for the review. Our Wellness Gift Set is a perfect gift to get someone on the road to wellness. I'm glad you loved everything. Self care is the best care. Hope to hear from you soon!

I struggle with nerve pain in my feet and legs. The 600mg Organic CBD Tincture has allowed me to better tolerate the pain.

Thank you for the the review, Steve. So glad to hear that the 600mg Organic CBD Tincture is helping with your nerve pain. If you would like to have your tincture mailed to you each month and save up to 20%, try our subscription service. We appreciate your business!