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Love this!

I love this product. It doesn't have an overwhelming smell or taste and I love how it is organic.


I struggle with my lower back muscles and hamstrings tightening up because I do a lot of bending and lifting.
This product is the only product that I have tried that works very well. It helps relax my muscles, it makes me feel good and helps me to sleep at night.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has issues with soreness and tight muscles.

Thanks for the review, John. We are so glad to be able to help you and others like you who struggle with nagging pain. We appreciate the feedback and hope to hear from you soon!

900mg Organic CBD Tincture
Chris Chamberlain
Over priced.

The product is good, the people at the booth were friendly, but this product is over priced l!

Thank you for your review, Chris. We appreciate the feedback. We know USDA Certified Organic CBD products can be expensive and we do our best to help our customers save some money. Be sure to register your email at so you get emails about upcoming sales. Also, we offer subscriptions that allow you to have your favorite product shipped every month, and you get up to 20% off that product. You should also receive a coupon for your next order for writing this review. We appreciate your patronage and hope to hear from you again soon!

Wellness Gift Set
Kay Sherin
Very happy with this product

In March, I received the bath bomb and after soaking 45 minutes the pinched nerve disappeared in my neck. I was sold. Just starting to use the tincture for brain fog taking 15 drops a day. The lip balm has healed my lip issues.
Do plan to purchase more! So thankful for the gift I received!

Thanks for the review. Our Wellness Gift Set is a perfect gift to get someone on the road to wellness. I'm glad you loved everything. Self care is the best care. Hope to hear from you soon!

I struggle with nerve pain in my feet and legs. The 600mg Organic CBD Tincture has allowed me to better tolerate the pain.

Thank you for the the review, Steve. So glad to hear that the 600mg Organic CBD Tincture is helping with your nerve pain. If you would like to have your tincture mailed to you each month and save up to 20%, try our subscription service. We appreciate your business!

Delicious light fruity taste

I enjoyed this CBD wine. It had a very light fruity taste and was not overly sweet. I enjoyed the floral notes and it paired well with salads, fish, grilled chicken, and grilled vegetables. I felt a little relaxed after drinking two glasses. I recommend this wine. It would be great to bring to a party as an alternative to alcoholic beverages. It's a fun addition to keep on hand when you don't want to be intoxicated but want to relax and drink to your health.

Thank you, Alexis, for your review. You could be a River Organics spokesperson. I couldn't have said it better myself. We plan to have Rose' available again in the next few weeks and hope to have champagne soon. Check out our website for a local event where we will be offering tastings of our wine.

Self-Care Gift Set
Kelli Gabel
Every item is a winner

I sent this as a gift and the receiver was very impressed. It’s the perfect gift to send to someone who needs to relax. All the items smelled great. It was sent out the day I placed the order. River Organics aims to please!

Thanks for your review, Kelli. We do aim to please. Glad your friend loved the gift set. All the sets are priced right about 20% the price of purchasing the items separately. Next time, be sure to treat yourself to one. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Very nice product from a trustworthy company

Thank you for the review, Nancy. We are glad you love the tincture and we appreciate the nice comments!

This dosing works better for me.

Sleeping better than ever. Really happy with the 600 mg dosing!
The massage oil doesn’t seem to do much for me, any suggestions?
Thanks for all you do!

Thank you for the review, Kathie. So glad to hear you are getting better sleep. As far as massage oil . . . it's great for massages and other skin ailments. But there is not enough CBD in it to really be a pain relief oil. If pain relief is in order, try our Extra Strength Pain Relief Oil + Arnica. Reach out to me and I can get you a sample with your next order. We want you to be living your best life with good sleep and free from pain.

CBD Wine Sparkling Red Sangria (alcohol-free)

Thank you for your 5-star rating of our Sparkling Hemp Sangria. This is the fan-favorite with fruity flavor and that little bit of fizz. Glad you love it and hope to hear from you soon.

Pain Relief Stick

Will provide detailed feedback soon.

Thank you for trying our pain stick, Ronald. We hope your friend is finding some relief from her ailments. Please keep us posted!

Tranquility Tea

I am enjoying this late afternoon tea as I need to wind down from my day. At first, I was a little confused about how to get the tea into my infuser. I’ve got it all figured out and works like a charm. I love the flavor and will order this product again.

Thank you for the review of our Tranquility Tea, Suzanne. Drinking loose tea is a bit of an art and it sounds like you caught on pretty quickly. The tea is great for these cold evenings because it will warm you up without keeping you up all night. Enjoy!

Love it!

Love it!

Thank you for the review, Rebecca. CBD tincture can help nervous pets, those that are afraid of storms or other animals, or those with separation anxiety. CBD can reduce inflammation and pain in our older pets. So good for people and pets!

Wellness Gift Set
DIANE Thomas
A very wonderful package!

I used the bath bomb last night and my skin was NOT dried out and I was definitely ready for bed. The massage oil remains handy for pain relief and I feel the results fast. Will carry the CBD drops on upcoming trip to Florida for that “over-all feeling” of comfort!

Thank you, Diane, for the product review. We are glad you love the bath bomb. What a great way to relax before bed. Adding the tincture and massage oil can offer total-body relief. Enjoy your trip and we hope to hear from you again soon!

Great for reducing my neck pain!

CBD usage is the only change in my life that could account for the dramatic reduction in pain in my neck!

Hi John. Thank you so much for your feedback. We are so glad the 1500mg tincture is helping with your neck pain. Tinctures are great at reducing inflammation, which is typically the cause of pain. We are so glad you love the product and glad to hear you are in less pain!

Great Taste

This tea has a wonderful flavor. It’s the perfect tea to relax with at the end of the day.

Thank you for the review, Kelli. We are so glad you love the tea. Isn't it great that there is no caffeine so you can enjoy it on these cold nights just before bed? And all the herbs to help you relax. We appreciate your feedback!


Smokey is my beloved pet and suffers from occasional anxiety attacks (especially when change occurs). I am on my second bottle of tincture and it seems to help. He is older and is probably going thru aging problems.

We are so happy to hear that our 300mg CBD bacon tincture is helping your friend, Smokey. CBD has been known to help with anxiety and our pets can certainly experience the benefits these days as well. Thank you for sharing your success story!

love this stuff

tastes like a great sangria. you would never know there is no alcohol until the next day when you DON'T have that alcohol fog. . After a glass it seems to just quiet the mind. perfect after a hard day.

Glad you love the Sangria, Paula, and thank you for your review. I have even splurged and had 2 full glasses. It led to a great night's sleep and no morning fog, like you mentioned. We have 2 other wines, a Rose' and a Cabernet, that we hope you will be able to try soon. Please check out our upcoming events on our website to see us in person and try those wines. And we hope to have a new one in the spring. Stay tuned!


Love this tea! It is delicious and definitely makes me sit and relax. It’s great that it’s caffeine free so I can drink it right before bedtime.

Thank you for your review, Shannon, and glad you loved the tea. What a great drink for right before bed. We used hemp leaves instead of tea leaves to eliminate caffeine, while the lavender and chamomile are both naturally calming. Winter is here so be sure to always keep a container on hand!

Sleep great

The 600mg tincture helps me to sleep better and also diminishes my neck and shoulder pain.

Love Love Love!

The Best #1 CBD Company

Thank you, Roselyn. We appreciate the great review!

Sleep Aid

I tried the 1500 mg Organic CBD Tincture and it really helped me get a good night's sleep. I would highly recommend it to those with sleep issues.
Joyce Roman

We appreciate your review, Joyce. So many of our customers are sleeping better now and we are glad River Organics has helped you, too!

It Works!

Be nice if a roll-on version was available, as I use it for my arthritic fingers.

Thank you for the review. That is a really great idea. Our 1oz. extra-strength pain oil with arnica is available in the roller ball top, but we had a hard time finding those in the larger sizes. Give me a call next time you order your massage oil and I would be happy to get you an extra bottle so you have transfer it and make it easier to apply. We are looking for ways to make application easier on future products. We appreciate the feedback!

So far, so good

Altho I only have used the 600mg Organic CBD tincture for about one week now, it appears to be giving me the same wonderful full nights of sleep that the 900mg gave me when I used it for four months. Still, before I decide whether to order a year's subscription of 600mg or 900mg, I want to be sure the 600mg continues to remain as effective for my former restless sleepless night problems which the 900mg cured completely. For that reason I will continue using up my 600mg "test"bottle. At the end of this 30 day test i will know if the 600mg did or did not continue to work for me as well as did the 900mg .
That will determine which strength Organic CBD tincture will receive my year's subscription. For certain one of the two River Organic's CBD tinctures will remain a part of my life. After years and years of sleepless nights I have found this tincture is the only thing that has guaranteed I get a full night's sleep every night

Hi Sandra. Thank you for running tests on our products for us. Good to know you are getting the same results with the 600mg. Because your body can only absorb so much of the CBD, you should only take what you need to get the desired results. For more information on dosing, check out our blog at
Glad you are getting a good night's sleep!

amazing product!

I love using your tinctures...they really helped relax muscles..also great for helping to sleep well...thank you for a wonderful product!

Thank you for the review, Karen. Work stress can be really tough on muscles, and you have to relax to get sleep to get up and do it again the next day. So glad the tinctures are helping with that. We appreciate you taking the time and hope to hear from you soon!