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Great 👍🏼

I got a sample from a 5K and was anxious to try it. I love everything about the tincture! I have citrus and the taste is smooth. The affects are just what I need to help me stay focused and positive throughout the day. I was so happy with the product that I decided to get a yearlong subscription! I totally recommend this company!!

Good for my dogs

I have enjoyed using the CBD for pets. I think it is helping my dogs and I plan to continue using it. One of my dogs has had a limp for a while and the vet says it is arthritis. The CBD seems to really be helping her and she limps much less. Thank you

Helps to calm a crazy dog!

I am the owner of a very anxious pug who barks at EVERYTHING! Fireworks, gunshots, cars on the driveway, cat meows on television, random beeping or ringing can name anything and he has probably barked at it.
Thunderstorms are the worst with him though. He just paces through the house panting and barking nonstop. Occasionally he also gets agitated enough to potty on the floor.
I started giving him this tincture in the morning to see how he would react. I was pleasantly surprised to see him a little bit calmer after only 2-3 days. He was still barking at the tv a lot in the evenings though. I started giving him an evening dose and that has helped some with that.
He still gets worked up with storms, but I don't think it is nearly as bad as it has been in the past.
I will be buying more of this product!

Thank you for your review, Hillary. We are glad to hear that our organic CBD is starting to help your anxious pug. Remember that some pets benefit from taking CBD twice per day, and understand that CBD builds up in your system over time. So he may do better in another week or so. If you don't get the desired results, consider increasing the dose slightly. We hope this information helps you and your pug get through the thunderstorms and other annoying sounds!

Only OK

I took for a week an never noticed any difference in pain or sleep.

Thank you for your review, Pamela. We appreciate honest opinions but encourage you to not give up on CBD. I would love to talk to you by phone and give you some more detailed dosing information. You may not be getting quite the dose you need. Also, please note that CBD does take time to build up in your system and we have had many people tell us they didn't really see a difference until they stopped using it and realized it was working. If you would like to talk about dosing information, please give us a call at 804-699-3521. Thank you.

love it

New user for the past several weeks. Love the product and just received some for my Dog who has had 2 knee surgeries in the past several years. She seem to also be moving around better.

My senior dog

My dog seems to be benefiting from this CBD oil. She’s a senior with sore joints and after 2 weeks of use, we do see a difference in her walking and comfort. Thank you for for help getting her started.

We appreciate your review. We are happy to hear that your senior pet is enjoying the benefits of CBD. I have senior dogs myself and I know the complications they can experience as they age. We also have a 600mg Peanut Butter tincture your pet may love.

900mg Organic CBD Tincture
Helen Bottenfield
A better CBD!

I have tried several CBD brands and I have found River Organics to be the most effective! It seemed to work more efficiently with my body! Love the sustainable farming! We all do our part!

Thank you for the review, Helen, and so glad you found a CBD product that works well for you. We appreciate the kind comments and we hope to hear from you again soon.

I think its a great product. I received the citrus flavored one and would love it much better if you had a cinnamon one. I just found your company (in live in Glouc. county) but I usually order organic cbd from a company in colorado called One Farm. They have a cinnamon one that tastes better but I want to order from you local. I just do not like citrus and peppermint is usually too strong. I will try it next. Thanks for your products!

Hi Michele and thank you for your review. We appreciate any feedback and love suggestions on how we can improve our products. So . . . we do have a cinnamon product. Kind of. One of our high-potency tinctures is available in Cinnamon+Habanero. It's got some bite to it but it is very good. It is a lot higher potency that you are currently using. If you would like to give us a call at 804-699-3521 we can talk about dosage and get you a sample of our Cinnamon+Habanero tincture to try.

Just right!

I appreciate that River Organics offers a range of tincture strengths. When I began adding CBD to my wellness routine, the 300mg was a good place to start. From there I have been able to easily find the right amount for me, which is this 900mg tincture. I love River Organics - their quality is first rate, as is their customer service. This is a product and people I can trust.

Thank you for your review, Ann, and so glad you love the tinctures. CBD is not just for ailments; it is something that can help with general wellness. So glad you found the product that works best for you. Keep us posted!

The only product that helped my dog

I tried RXs from Ripley's Veterinarian, calming pills for him from pet stores, but nothing worked for him. Then I tried the 600mg Organic CBD pet tincture, putting half a dropper on a treat and the other half on his dog food. The storm hit about half an hour later with thunder, Ripley barked once, I told him everything will be ok. He usually paces most of the time during a storm, but this time he laid down next to me on the couch, calmer than I had hoped for, and we both got through the storm. I am so very glad I found something that works for Ripley.

I got home today and about 2 miles from my home the thunder started. Ripley met me at the door, as usual, but I could see he was not happy. So I let him outside while getting his food ready, and put half a dropper on a treat and the other half on top of his food. During the storm, which lasted at least 2.5 hours with the thunder, he barked twice and then laid down on the floor next to me and was calm.

In the past, he paced all the time and barked whenever the thunder was loud. Now, do I think it was the CBD oil that helped----absolutely!

Thank you for your story, Joyce. We are so glad that our 600mg Peanut Butter tincture was able to help Ripley. We sure have had a lot of those afternoon storms lately that can be rough for a nervous dog. So glad to hear CBD helped.

Customer service was great.

Thanks, Bryan. It was so nice to meet you out at Second Sundays and we look forward to seeing you again!

So far I like your product. My only complaint would be the top is hard to get off.

Glad you are enjoying the USDA Certified Organic 600mg Citrus Tincture. Thank you for the feedback on the bottles. We are working to make those a little easier to open while still keeping them safe. We appreciate your trust in River Organics.

Information please

I purchased your CBD Massage oil a friend's recommendation for my back and leg pain. I received with it a tiny bottle labeled "Ginger and Honey." Can you please give my instructions on how to use both the oil and the tincture. Also please tell me how and what to use for inducing sleep.

Thanks for the feedback, Elmer. I sent you a private message for specifics but wanted to leave some information for others who have the same questions. We do sometimes send small tincture samples as gifts. These bottles require 2 droppers full to get the full dose. The higher potency 1500mg Cinnamon + Habanero or Ginger + Honey may be best to start with 1 or 1/2 a dropper. I'm sorry the instructions on those bottles are not as clear.

The 600mg CBD Full Spectrum Massage Oil is a topical application of 3-5 sprays 3-4 times per day or as needed. Rub it into your skin directly on the painful area, avoiding open wounds, eyes and mouth.

Thank you for taking the time to review our product and we hope you love River Organics!

Amazing and pleasantly surprised

So I have tried other tinctures before and they have claimed to have been Full Spectrum and I just didn’t feel the difference. Well, after taking just one dosage of your product at night, I slept better, my ear ringing was significantly lower, my foot and knee pains went away and I just generally felt better overall.. I couldn’t believe it!!! Thanks for a true product that actually works… ~Bill

Thank you, Bill, for trying our USDA Certified Organic 600mg Citrus Tincture. So glad to hear of your great results. We had not heard of it relieving ear ringing before so this is wonderful news. Thank you for you trust in River Organics!

4 oz CBD Massage Oil
Deanna Murphy



This was my second bottle of CBD tincture from River Organics. I've been extremely happy with it. I opted for the citrus this time. It's nice - a marmalade kind of flavor. It's very nice in my morning smoothie. The product, the customer service are all outstanding. Highly recommended!

Thank you, Ann, for continuing to trust our USDA Organic CBD Tinctures. I see you have tried almost every flavor and love that you are adding them to your morning smoothie. What a great idea! We appreciate your kind words and your continued patronage of River Organics.


I'm thrilled to have discovered River Organics! Small, local (to me), woman-owned, and producing a pure and trustworthy product. My first order was for the 300mg tincture. I'm so delighted with their product and service that I've already placed a second order. I highly recommend River Organics and their product!!

300mg Organic CBD Tincture
Michael Patterson
Good for my body.

It worked. End of story.

Love it!

I really like my River Organic CBD tincture. My finger joint pain has improved. The only opportunity for improvement is with the cap. I find it a little difficult to open and hard to tell if it’s adequately sealed.

2 oz CBD Massage Oil
Matt Montano

my girlfriend loves it

Organic Full Spectrum Massage OIL

The massage oil is being used for joint pain, and it is working. My thumbs are starting to respond to the oil. The oil seems very pure and is being used also for pain in knees.

Fabulous product

Great quality, quick absorption, wonderful results
Highly recommend it!

900mg Organic CBD Tincture
Roselyn Crawford
The Best #1 CBD Company

The best # 1 CBD company in the U.S.A. no doubt. Products and services are top notch. You will not be disappointed.


I've tried several brands but none compare to River Organics CBD massage oil! This stuff is AMAZING. I use it for chronic pain, achy joints and muscles. I highly recommend it.