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You keep hearing the word “organic,” seeing it labeled on this product and that, and you may not know exactly why you should use organic products, just that it seems like a “healthier” choice. When a product is certified organic, it means that it has passed not one, but several levels of organic certification to be labeled as such. Every ingredient and processing aide must be either certified organic or audited to ensure it is free of synthetic additives, chemical fillers, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. and is also not genetically modified. So yes, it is the healthier choice as compared to its non-organic counterparts. Organic products are also created in such a way that is better for the planet, helping preserve ecosystems, and promote environmental stewardship and soil conversation, which as a result helps ultimately protect the health of humanity, as well.

So, we know why organic is the better option over those that are non-organic. But in the case of CBD, it is not only the smarter and healthier choice, it is crucial to use organically created CBD products over those that are non-organic. We will explore the reasons for this in more depth, here.

CBD as a Bioaccumulator

You’re probably thinking, what’s a bioaccumulator? Simply put, bioaccumulators absorb materials from their nearby surroundings, which makes them effective agents for cleansing the earth. The hemp plant is known as a bioaccumulator, with the ability to efficiently absorb substances in its nearby surroundings. While bioaccumulators collect these various materials, they do not release them back into the environment as waste. Therefore, they functionally clean the environment, absorbing and accumulating potentially harmful and toxic chemicals and substances.

In fact, the hemp plant is such an effective bioaccumulator, it was used to remediate nuclear waste, toxins and heavy metals from the soils contaminated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster of the 1990s. The process by which a plant bioaccumulator such as the hemp plant is used to cleanse the earth is called phytoremediation. In regard to Chernobyl, which was the most catastrophic nuclear disaster ever to face the earth, it was believed that the infected soils left behind were possibly too polluted beyond the point of restoration. However, when industrial hemp began to be used as a bioaccumulating agent, it was found that it significantly mitigated the toxicity of the Chernobyl soils.

So, what does this have to do with your use of CBD?

Organic CBD For A Healthier You and Planet

As the hemp plant is such a strong bioaccumulator, it will absorb potentially harmful chemicals or substances that are present in the ground, or were applied to the plant, in the same way that it leached toxicities in the Chernobyl soils. You want to ensure that the CBD you are using was organically and responsibly farmed without the use of pesticides or herbicides and was grown in soil free of these toxins, as well. Only with the use of certified organic CBD products, can you be confident that all aspects of its production were performed abiding by stringent organic requirements, and that pesticides or herbicides weren’t used in any part of the process. Therefore, these harmful substances will not be present in the finished product.

Organically sourced and produced CBD is not only the healthier choice for you, but it is the more responsible choice for the planet as well. Pesticides and herbicides used during production of the hemp plant will not only be absorbed into the plant, and leach into the soil; they can potentially disrupt and harm nearby ecosystems as well, which will eventually have repercussions that hurt the health of humanity.

Here at River Organics, our passion is improving the health and wellbeing of our community, which means customers like you, as well, as improving the health of the planet. That is why we are committed to producing only the highest quality certified organic CBD products, hand seeded and harvested without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Discover our premium quality, certified organic CBD products and get started on your journey to health and wellness, here.

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