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Tips for Traveling with CBD | River Organics

Tips for Traveling with CBD | River Organics

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There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the legality of CBD oil. We break it down here, offering the information you need to know so you can legally and safely travel with your CBD products.

From massage oils to toothpaste, lotions and tinctures and even now found in pet treats, CBD is becoming more and more prevalent and accessible. And with its increasing availability in online stores and retailers throughout the country, consumers are enjoying the convenience of being able to easily integrate the therapeutic oil into their daily regimen. 

But what about traveling with CBD? Of course you want to avoid disrupting your travel plans, so ensuring you’re compliant with the law as you travel with your CBD products is critical. And as we know, the road to legality has been long and complicated, regarding CBD’s production and distribution as regulations have been slowly introduced over time.  Previously, the question was is CBD legal at all, let alone is it legal to travel with.

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the legality of CBD oil. So, we are left wondering, is CBD legally allowed to come aboard with you onto the plane as you fly towards your destination or drive state to state, and in what form?

We break it down here, offering all the details and information you need to know so you can legally and safely travel with your CBD products.

What Is CBD?

Let’s start with defining what CBD first is, as there are many misconceptions around what it consists of. Merriam Webster states that CBD is a “nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp.” CBD oil therefore contains cannabidiol, but the product is intended to be non intoxicating, or non-psychoactive, only containing a minimal amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (or commonly known as THC). THC is the chemical compound that can create psychoactive effects upon its user. A minute amount of THC, however, will not have these inebriating side effects. 

What Are the Laws Surrounding the Legality of THC in CBD?

Here is a map and table we've set up so you can check your own state

Thanks to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, CBD derived from hemp, containing a THC content percentage below .3% is now federally legal.  As such, CBD of that type is aso allowed to cross state lines, as well as come onto flights.

The laws about CBD are constantly changing and some states are more restrictive regarding which type of CBD products are allowed, so always check the current law of the state you are traveling to.

On the other hand, CBD oil derived from marijuana which may also contain a higher percentage of THC, is not legalized on the federal level or in all states. Therefore, it is advised to refrain from taking that type with you as you travel across state borders. 

How Can You Tell Which CBD Is Derived From Hemp vs Marijuana? 

Simply by taking a closer look at the label of your CBD product and identifying its THC content percentage, you should be able to tell if it is derived from hemp or if it originated from marijuana. Keep in mind that not all CBD derived from hemp satisfies the under .3% THC minimum requirement. So, check your CBD product to make sure it contains a safe amount of THC, even if it is derived from hemp. 

Traveling Domestically vs Internationally With CBD 

Whether you are driving or flying, if you are traveling domestically within the U.S,  it is legal to travel with CBD derived from hemp that contains under .3% THC. If you are flying, you will also have to make sure that your CBD product abides by the rule of containing 3.4 oz or less, as well. However, it is always recommended to check the laws of the state or country you’re traveling to ahead of time. 

When it comes to international rules and regulations, the laws regarding traveling with CBD are less cut and dry, simply because you will have to take into consideration the laws of each individual country you are traveling to. Some countries are more lax in their laws regarding CBD, while others have even more stringent regulations prohibiting it, so we advise in the case of international travel, it is probably better to not risk it. Play it safe and leave your CBD products at home.

Hemp-Based CBD Products from River Organics 

At River Organics, it is our mission to create and produce the highest quality, certified organic, hemp-derived CBD products on the market, to promote the health of our customers, community and the planet, as a whole. You can be confident that when you buy from us, you are purchasing a CBD product that has been ethically, sustainably and organically produced and also contains the safe, minimal level of THC, well under the required .3% threshold.

You can access our Certificates of Analysis here to review the contents of all our CBD products, as well as their cannabinoid and THC profiles. 

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