Updates From the Farm

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  • New Year, New Growth: Healthy Plants Begin with the Soil

    Join us at the very beginning of the growing season by learning about why our soil, which has been in a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) administered by the U.S. Farm Service Agency for more than twenty years, is the best and healthiest soil.
  • Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

    Our CBD-infused bath bombs are another effective way to deliver all the incredible mental and physical benefits of CBD.
  • 5 Ways To Keep The Relationship Flame Alive

    Want to keep that flame alive in your relationship? Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your love for one another burning bright.
  • Why Is CBD Not Working For Me?

    Have you tried CBD before, and not experienced the benefits you were hoping for? We’re here to guide you towards optimizing your use of CBD to maximize your results and enhance your overall well-being.