CBD Massage Oil Benefits

You may already know how oil elevates massage, making for more fluid hand movements, providing skin nourishment and enhancing the overall experience with soothing aromas. You may also know that CBD is a powerful holistic remedy that offers its own host of incredible benefits to boost health and wellness. 

But you may be wondering about the effects of the combination of the two - and the benefits that CBD specifically brings to massage? 

Here at River Organics, we’re passionate about producing the highest quality USDA certified organic CBD products to supplement self-care, and the practice of massage is an important part of a self-care routine. The use of traditional massage oil offers its own range of benefits; however, the addition of CBD elevates the experience and its ultimate value to your wellness to a whole new level. 

Today we want to provide a comparison of the potential benefits of using CBD massage oil against regular massage oils, so you understand how CBD maximizes the results of your massage. 

But let’s first gain a deeper understanding of how oil enhances massage in general. 

Why is it important to use oil during a massage? 

Massage is used for targeting points of pain with consistent movement and pressure on the surface of the body, with the objective being to eliminate tension. To avoid discomfort from friction on the skin, it is key to use a lubricant, or a massage oil. An oiled surface facilitates more fluid motion of the hands, allowing them to move more freely and access deeper skin tissues in order to target tension and pain. 

So, how do you choose which oil to use for your next massage? Let’s break down the differences between the benefits of CBD massage oil and other massage oils to further understand the value that CBD brings to massage.

Benefits of CBD Massage Oil vs. Other Massage Oils 

CBD Massage Oil

Other Massage Oils

  •  Ample Pain Management
  • Some Pain Management

When CBD is infused in a carrier oil, it is absorbed in the body’s bloodstream to help speed up the healing of injured connective tissues. Studies have shown that CBD has potential therapeutic effects on arthritis pain and inflammation. Our extra strength pain relief oil is infused with arnica oil, maximizing the pain reducing effects it has. The combination of essential oils, in conjunction with CBD, work to create a soothing feel for muscles, joints, and tendons while reducing pain and inflammation. 

Using massage oils to lubricate the skin provides the hands the ability to knead target areas to allow for relaxation. This comforts and warms the areas being massaged to relieve pain, and allows the body to decompress. Adding eucalyptus essential oil to massage oil has ailing properties for sore muscles, adding extra relief to sore muscles.

  • Therapeutic Effects on Anxiety
  •    Some Effects on Anxiety

In a 2019 study, participants in New Zealand saw a 79.2% decrease in their anxiety within one month after ingesting 25 mg of CBD daily– with symptoms of anxiety continuing to diminish during the study.  Topical CBD, as is used in a CBD-infused massage oil, will absorb into the skin where it can interact with the brain’s receptors that regulate anxiety and fear. By helping the body experience a more balanced state, CBD massage oil can therefore have a positive effect on your mental state, helping to reduce tension and anxiety. 


 When the kneading of hands and fingers meets tender spots on the body, hormonal endorphins are released to induce feelings of joy and relaxation. Using oils to ease a massage will create the comfort needed for the body to enter a calm state. The aroma in lavender oil can help to instill a relaxing sensation, and help to inhibit feelings of stress.

  • Nourishes Skin While Treating Acne, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis
  •     Nourishes Skin

CBD is abundant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which have the potential to work wonders for the skin. A 2014 study showed that CBD helped prevent human sebocytes from creating excessive sebum – a waxy substance that works to protect the skin, which, in excessive amounts, could make it acne-prone. 

The therapeutic effects CBD has on the skin have been further researched with studies displaying its abilities to infiltrate skin and soothe dryness while potentially healing acne scars. The tea tree oil found in our CBD Massage Oil has antimicrobial properties which can treat inflammation and redness, making it a wonderful choice for adding moisture to the skin while tending to acne or other skin issues.
 Lathering your body with oil for a massage is a wonderful way to hydrate and soothe the skin. Many massage oils contain vitamins that are absorbed into the skin and provide natural moisturization. Coconut oil is an effective lubricant for dry skin, immensely improving its hydration. Other oils like jojoba, grapeseed, and rose hip seed contain anti-inflammatory properties that could soothe skin irritations.
  • High Impact on Sleep
  •  Low Impact on Sleep Quality

To top off the relaxing sensation of a massage, using CBD oil could work deeper to potentially help your body’s internal sleep patterns. With some early research in play, it’s indicated that higher doses of CBD could decrease the release of cortisol stress hormones, providing calming and sedating properties. As high cortisol is related to more mid-night awakenings, CBD has potential to aid a good night’s sleep. CBD in massage oil also has the potential to reduce insomnia, as research shows gradual improvement in the quality and longevity of sleeping patterns with consistent CBD use. Incorporating USDA certified organic CBD oil into your nighttime routine has the potential to subdue feelings of anxiety and induce a better sleep. 

Of course, receiving a massage will likely put your entire body at ease, and in a state of relaxation – setting your mind and muscles up for better sleep. However, regular massage oils have little to no impact on the sleep cycle. If your oil has chamomile, it contains some apigenin which is an antioxidant that interacts with the brain’s receptors promoting sleep. Chamomile massage oil may induce further relaxation and support insomnia reduction.


Use CBD Oil for Your Next Massage

So, when thinking about indulging in your next massage session, keep in mind the different effects that CBD massage oil could have on your emotional and physical health and wellness. Using massage oil infused with CBD contains all the benefits of regular massage oils, with the addition of the incredible value that CBD offers to heal the body and improve a myriad of health issues. And when choosing CBD products, be sure to consider USDA Certified Organic CBD oils for the purest quality. 

At River Organics, we are passionate about elevating the health and wellness of our customers,  community, and the planet as a whole. It is our mission to produce all our CBD products organically, sustainably, responsibly, and ethically at our family-owned farm in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. All of our CBD products contain under the legally required 0.3% of THC to ensure that you can enjoy their therapeutic benefits without any intoxicating effects.

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