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5 Ways To Keep The Relationship Flame Alive

5 Ways To Keep The Relationship Flame Alive

Teresa Brown
Want to keep that flame alive in your relationship? Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your love for one another burning bright.

We all know relationships take work. Some days you may have to work harder at it than others. But when you’re preoccupied with the hectic business of life and everything that it entails - kids, work, chores, etc. -  it can be all too easy to put your romantic relationship on the back burner. Do this too often, though, and that spark in your long-term relationship can begin to dim, and it may be a challenge to reignite again. 

Remember, every relationship is unique, so what might work for one may not work for another. However, some fundamental things ring true for all romantic relationships. Here are some of our tips and tricks for keeping your love (not to mention your passion) for one another burning bright. 

Make Time To Do Things Together

Routines are the stitches that hold the various parts of our lives together. However, knowing precisely what is coming every day for the rest of forever can take a lot of the fun out of life. That’s why it’s vital to take some time out of the daily grind to mix it up and engage with your partner in an activity that makes you excited about being together. 

Depending on the specific demands of your days, this can be something as simple as incorporating a regular date night into your week in which you visit your favorite restaurants and venues. Or try stepping outside of the familiar, and plan bigger and bolder adventures together, pushing one another to try new things. Aim to cultivate special moments together that help you keep the flame burning in your relationship. 

Be Spontaneous With Surprises 

When someone’s been in your life for a while, it’s easy to start taking them for granted. The rush of excitement you felt when you met with your significant other when they were still just a crush is not quite the same now that you know they’ll be walking through the door each day at 5:30 pm. One way to get a little excitement back into your relationship is by adding an element of unpredictability through gestures that keep you both guessing. 

The great thing about introducing spontaneous surprises into your days is that they can be anything outside of the norm of what you would typically do. They don’t have to necessarily be grand acts. In fact, it’s often the simple touches that mean the most to the ones we love. This can be anything from popping a cute note in their lunch bag to planning a special night together, to making them breakfast in bed. Small, yes, but small gestures can hold great value for your partner. 

Express Love and Gratitude 

Chances are, you tell your partner that you love them on at least a semi-regular basis - when hanging up the phone, leaving for the office, or before going to sleep at night. If this isn’t the case, it definitely should be. The problem is that those three little words that meant so much at the start may no longer register the same levels of feeling or connection. That’s why it’s important to communicate positive feelings that go above and beyond this. 

You might consider telling your partner how proud you are of them, how wonderful they make you feel or how lucky you feel to have them in your life. Expressing to your partner how grateful you are to have them around because they make your life easier or your day brighter will mean that much more because they are deeply personal to your relationship. 

Don’t Forget The Power of Touch

While sex is, for many, a key part of their relationship, there are many other physical acts of love that you could be utilizing to nurture a strong connection with your partner. Kissing is a quick and simple way to show that you care, as is holding your partner’s hand. Never underestimate the importance of physical contact. Humans are incredibly social creatures, and touch can be considered as essential to us as the air we breathe. 

To hit the next level romance-wise, consider offering your partner a sensual massage or even a simple back rub (depending on your level of skill). Most partners will appreciate the effort. Enhance the experience even more with the use of full-spectrum CBD massage oil

Beyond feeling amazing, massage offers a host of powerful benefits to enhance health and wellness. When CBD is added to the mix, it takes these benefits to a new level. Helping to promote relaxation and clarity of mind while decreasing stress, tension and anxiety, a CBD-infused massage is the perfect way to bond with your partner, enjoy a pleasurable experience, and ignite a romantic spark. 

Unplug and Talk 

Communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship. However, when you are around someone for the majority of the time, you’ll find that your level of communication begins to wane. Remember those early days of your relationship when you had 5-hour-long phone conversations in which you would talk and giggle about anything and everything? Chances are they have now been replaced with disagreements about what to watch on TV or what to have for dinner. 

One of the biggest barriers to having quality chats with your partner is probably sitting in your hands right now. Yup, cell phones, and technology in general, have given us so much, but they have taken away too. With the buzzing and beeping of constant incoming messages, it’s tough to keep our attention firmly fixed on the ones who are with us. But it is crucial. Do the brave thing, switch to silent and ask your partner about their day. 

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