300mg Organic CBD Tincture

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We control the process from seed to bottle. All our products are independently tested by a third party lab to ensure quality. Simply scan the QR code on your product's packaging to view the results.

Customer Reviews

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Neil Wallace
love it

New user for the past several weeks. Love the product and just received some for my Dog who has had 2 knee surgeries in the past several years. She seem to also be moving around better.

Michele Evans

I think its a great product. I received the citrus flavored one and would love it much better if you had a cinnamon one. I just found your company (in live in Glouc. county) but I usually order organic cbd from a company in colorado called One Farm. They have a cinnamon one that tastes better but I want to order from you local. I just do not like citrus and peppermint is usually too strong. I will try it next. Thanks for your products!

Hi Michele and thank you for your review. We appreciate any feedback and love suggestions on how we can improve our products. So . . . we do have a cinnamon product. Kind of. One of our high-potency tinctures is available in Cinnamon+Habanero. It's got some bite to it but it is very good. It is a lot higher potency that you are currently using. If you would like to give us a call at 804-699-3521 we can talk about dosage and get you a sample of our Cinnamon+Habanero tincture to try.

Ann T

I'm thrilled to have discovered River Organics! Small, local (to me), woman-owned, and producing a pure and trustworthy product. My first order was for the 300mg tincture. I'm so delighted with their product and service that I've already placed a second order. I highly recommend River Organics and their product!!

Michael Patterson
Good for my body.

It worked. End of story.

Jim Robinson
The real deal

After having tried an inferior tincture I was very pleased to find a reputable provider. River Organics is the best.