Organic CBD Tincture

Customers report many improvements to their health with regular use, including:

  • Help with managing everyday stresses
  • Maintaining a sense of calm
  • Supporting overall wellness
  • Decreasing and Managing Anxiety

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Research suggests that CBD could be an effective natural remedy to help ease tension and anxiety, in addition to offering a host of powerful, potential benefits to enhance overall health and wellness, helping with a variety of health issues including mental health. Here at River Organics, we are proud advocates of CBD and enjoy educating and sharing views on CBD to promote and spread awareness around this incredible holistic remedy.
  • Hand Seeded
    & Harvested
  • Made in
  • Preserve & Promote
    Environmental Health
  • Family Owned
  • Seed to
  • USDA Certified
    Organic Hemp
  • Sustainably
  • Vegan
  • No animal
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher


I have never tried CBD until now. I have waited a good while to find an honest and reliable company - River Organics is it! I have anxiety and always worry about my sleep and getting through my busy days efficiently… after a week and a half, I started to notice all the wonderful benefits of using this product. I started with 300mg and went to 600mg; Its a good fit. I sleep better, my anxiety has calmed, and I feel that I can take on the day. Thank you for an amazing and top-notch quality product. Will be a forever customer!

Jessica C



I am so happy with this tincture. I started with the 300 and was thrilled to get some relief with my evening and nighttime anxiety. I next tried the 600 and I can honestly say I am so much more rested after the full night sleeps I am getting almost every night. I am so much more relaxed in the mornings and the small aches and pains I have from arthritis are rarely appearing. Overall, I am in a much better place now! I am so thankful my massage therapist introduced me to this product.


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